STBA: Keopuolani Park Mural

A mural crafted exclusively for a public community park nestled in the heart of Maui.

"In 2024, two outdoor Fitness Court installations will be coming to the County of Maui through a new partnership with the Hawaii Medical Service Association and the National Fitness Campaign. The goal of these installations is to build healthy communities. Each Fitness Court will have a 224 square foot sheer wall backing the structures. In addition to providing a space for fitness activities, these installations also present an opportunity for public artwork. The artwork will enhance and enrich the site, while also addressing public input received in our recent Maui County Public Art Community Survey. The goal of the artwork is to preserve local stories, environment, and history.' - Maui Public Art Corp

Maui Public Art Corp

Papa Ku Hanai a Malama

Celebrating a sense of belonging as well as the growth and developement of the haumana of Lihikai Elementary.

Last year I got the honor of work with multiple artist on two murals for Lihikai Elementary School.

This was one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had. Being able to get the chance to work with all of these talented artists has taught me so much and I have mad respect for all of them. We put so much thought and detail in every aspect of throughout the mural.

Paying omage to the story of leading children to a brighter future for not only themselves but the future of Hawaii itself.

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Waiside Detailers Mural

Giving the chance to create a mural for local company in the heart of Kahului.

I wanted to connect this mural to roots of the owner's values and beliefs. Showing the progression of growth and strength throughout each band flowing across the wall.

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Wailuku Coffee Company Mural

Immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance of Wailuku's hidden coffee gem. Hidden in the center of Wailuku lies a coffee shop that I hold dear to my heart.

Creating a mural for the company I wanted to many sure to create an accent for the coffee shop itself. Being filled the hustle and bustle of customers, I wanted to create something for everyone to admire while waiting in line for a cup of coffee.

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